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CONTACT INFO March 26, 2009

For those of you that would like to come to my home for treatment:

Isidora Romantini RMT, Provider Acupuncture McMaster University


203 Manitoba Street

Stouffville, Ontario


Acupuncture as a Complement to Massage

Contemporary Acupuncture is a great complement to Massage Therapy as the acupuncture needles act as an extension of my fingers.  With the needles, I can go deep into the tissue where superficially it is impossible.  For those of you who are not familiar with Contemporary Acupuncture, let me explain.

Contemporary Acupuncture is the painless insertion of needles to establish peripheral nerve stimulation with solid needles along with electric stimulation that is used to induce physiological changes on the activity of the nervous system and its effectors, deemed to be clinically useful.  Basically, what that means is:  it stimulates your nervous system to promote healing by immediately bringing blood to the area along with the body releasing endorphins to accelerate the healing process.  Many more things happen in the body chemically, but I won’t bore you with the scientific details!

I can personally vouch for this modality after suffering from many sports injuries.  Any time that I have suffered from a strain, sprain, or trigger point, acupuncture has always brought me back to full functionality.  This is key:  FUNCTIONALITY.  It’s not about eliminating pain, it’s about getting back to being able to FUNCTION.  This is what Contemporary Acupuncture does.

If you’re nervous or scared of needles, do not fret!  You won’t even know that the needles are going in!  It’s PAINLESS!  If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time!  And if you’ve received this treatment in your lifetime, you know how effective it is.

Come see me and we’ll work together to find a whole new you!

Keep well and enjoy life!