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Headaches May 21, 2009

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So……whether you’re an avid athlete or one that likes to take care of your overall health, we still from time to time suffer from headaches.

There are many types of headaches, but if you’re active chances are you’re suffering from a muscular/trigger point headache.  Trigger points are hyper-irritable points in the muscles that refer pain to other distant points in the body.  The most common trigger point is in the trapezius muscle – the highest point on your shoulder, causing referral pain into the ear and eye.  Most of us naturally “squeeze” this area to relieve tension, and this is where headaches can begin.  In saying that, get treatment the minute you feel tension in that area.  For myself, acupuncture combined with soft tissue work is the best remedy in melting that tension away.  Don’t wait…’ll just get worse and lead to chronic headaches.  Don’t let those headaches stop you from having fun!

Keep moving and stay healthy everyone!