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My New Celebrity Patient! July 13, 2013

My New Celebrity Patient!

I am proud and honored to announce that I have recently become a member of the Harold Hamilton UFE Pro team! I will be helping Harold in his journey to peak performance and keeping him injury free!

Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter for all of his upcoming competitions and future endeavors!


Runner’s Stretches August 4, 2009

We’re well into the summer season, so guaranteed some of you are over-doing it.  Here are some stretches for you runners out there to prevent injury so you can enjoy the rest of the season.

Shin Stretch:  This one is really important to prevent shin splints.  Take a step forward, and with your back toes, drag them on the ground until you feel a stretch.  It is best done in either stocking feet or bare feet.


Iliotibial Band Stretch (ITB stretch):  Another important stretch.  Often you will start to feel pain on the outside of your knee when your ITB becomes tight.  Hold this stretch and all stretches for at least 30 seconds.


Calf Stretch:  Absolutely important in keeping your calves nice and loose.  This one can be done while your taking a little brake on one of your runs!


Glute Stretch:  Your glutes work hard during those long runs.  Make sure you do this stretch and all stretches after each and every run to prevent injury.


Hamstring Stretch:  Another group that works hard while running.  This group becomes tight very easily.

ham stretch

Quad Stretch:  This stretch will help your knees stay healthy.  This can also be done during a small break on your runs.

quad stretch

These are just a few basic stretches to keep you loose and performing at your peak.  Stretching after EVERY single run is crucial to keep you functioning at your best and doing great at that race you’re working towards.

Good luck!